Become a sponsor or partner

 Are  you ready to join us in the movement to push Dayton Fashion Forward? We are always looking to partner with local businesses  and organizations. 

 Since (DE-FI)'s official launch in 2013 we have organically grown into  THE RESOURCE for all things creative. Our grassroots movement is  revitalizing  the design and fashion industry in our city as well as  building an economic composition that will have a positive impact on the  Miami Valley as a whole that is sure to make both Dayton Design Week  and Dayton Fashion Week one of the fastest growing and influential  events in the country.

 Sponsors and partners gain sales and exposure all year through our   media relationships, social media, special events and marketing.  By  becoming a sponsor for these exciting events, you are rallying with us  in: 

  • Cultivating the reemergence of  the Dayton Design Scene 
  • Support local economy
  • Embracing the Innovative community
  • Reaching the design conscious consumer
  • Promote local and regional talent to new heights
  • Provide opportunities to students to develop beyond the classroom

 Your  support will not only help promote local talent to new heights, but  bring growth to  the Miami Valley and your business with (DE-FI)'s  history of selling out 95% o their events you are sure to get your  business noticed.

Swag Bag Contributions

From  umbrellas to lip gloss, truffles to gift cards, and sunglasses to  earrings Swag Bags are the place to promote your brand!  We offer a  fantastic opportunity each season to local and national businesses that  will get your brand in front our  our guest  by providing products for  our Swag Bags. 

Please note the following before submitting your information for further consideration:

  • Must be able to provide product in increments of 100 
  • Only accepting tangible product or offers of value (e.g. discount codes, percentages off order, etc.)
  • You are responsible for delivering the product to (DE-FI)
  • A (DE-FI) Staff member will contact you to arrange a date/time for product delivery 

Thank  you for your interest in participating in  Dayton Design Week and  Dayton Fashion Week  by providing product for our Swag Bags. 

Dayton Design Week and Dayton Fashion Week Vendor Tables

We offer a fantastic opportunity for local and national  businesses that  will get your brand in front our guests at our  events and market.   Please note the following before submitting your information for  further consideration: 

  • We  will be provided you with a table,  linen, and 2 chairs  for your use.  Additional items will be the vendor's responsibility  (e.g., extension  cords, lighting, display stands, rolling racks, etc.) 
  • There  is no set dimension of space, as it may vary between event, venue,  and  number of participating businesses. However, space is unlikely to   exceed 10'x10'
  • You may have up to 2 people working your table. Additional persons will not be permitted without prior approval  
  • You  are responsible for set-up/tear-down of your space in accordance with  the time frame set out by (DE-FI)  prior to the events 
  • Additional, necessary information will be provided closer to the event dates