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Host An Event

Dayton  Fashion Week is the first of its kind community event for the area and  our Hosts are important to its success! Organizations, businesses,  producers and designers are invited to join us in coming together to  host events promoting and showcasing the multifaceted and interconnected  forms of design. Each event will give people the chance to meet local  designers, learn from each other, and promote collaboration to drive the  Miami Valley forward.

The  week consists of one giant collaborative effort to hold a variety of  events from exhibitions, installations, product launches, talks, and  tours. The goal is to have these events held at a diverse range of  venues including trade fairs, galleries, museums, shops, showrooms,  studios, markets, restaurants, pop-up venues and warehouses to feature a  diverse set of voices and perspectives across all design disciplines. 

Whether  you’re a designer, an industry supporter or simply  interested in  helping to increase your brands visibility  via  our printed guide,  website, newsletters, social media, PR and team support we welcome  everyone to apply to host an event!

Hosting Options Include:

Please see additional details regarding hosting options and application details below. Non-Profits participate for free, please complete the Non-Profit Organization application.  If you are struggling financially and would still like to participate, please complete the Hardship Application.

Need a little inspiration for hosting an event?  Check out some of the events produced by our parent company (DE-FI) in #TheFashionExperience!  They have produced and hosted various styles of events that range from  intimate  experiences of (10) guest to large full scale production  experiences of (500) guest, and everything in between.

See Additional Details

Not Finding the Information that you need? Follow this link to see more FAQs 

Understanding the process

First Steps

We  fully understand that this is a lot of information to absorb and we  want to ensure that we are as open, honest, and transparent about this  process as we can be.  Beginning in May, we will begin to host monthly  meetups that are free and open to the public for individuals considering  hosting an event. We also have scheduled (3) meetings for confirmed  host, partners, and sponsors to ensure that we are all on the same page,  solicit feedback, and make adjustments where necessary to ensure that  both Dayton Design Week and Dayton Fashion Week events runs seamlessly.

 Our host registration process follows several key steps: 

  1. We review your registration and contact you with any questions we may have
  2. We supply both an individual event page on our site and your custom Eventbrite event for your review.Once both the page and Event are approved by you, we schedule your event to go live. 
  3. We release all new events on a  weekly cycle 
  4. Once your event is live, we suggest reviewing tips and requirements for your event, detailed below.
  5. To both amplify promotions and give visitors equal opportunity to  purchase tickets. We will provide release dates and times to each host.

Every  event is unique. To help visitors navigate and identify official DFW events, we’ve laid out a couple core requirements:

Marketing & Navigation:  our team has created templates that may be used for navigational  signage, presentations or printed collateral to help brand your event as  part of DFW. Resources are available for download under  Promoting your Event.

Promotion:  With so many activities available, we ask that hosts promote their event and DFW broadly on any active social channels. Account  info and tags are listed below. 

Resources:  Each event is organized, funded and staffed by hosts. We suggest hosts  have employees or volunteers available for monitoring attendance (via  ticketing), general documentation (photography) and fielding any  questions pertinent to your event.  We also require hosts to provide  follow-up info on attendance and general feedback through a simple form  available after DFW

Welcome to the Family: We  ask hosts to welcome guests from both around the Miami Valley area and  across the country as we foster new conversations and celebrate the work  and impact of great design.

Event Hosting Options

 We have four different ways for you to host an event and to create your own original programming!   

Pop-Up Shop

 This is a great way connect your product directly to your  customers! You determine the location of the event which can be a coffee  shop, public space or co-working venue — be creative! 


Coffee With A Designer

This  is a great way to ease into the process of hosting an event, and  morning and early afternoons are underutilized during the week. You  determine the location of the meetup which can be a coffee shop, public  space or co-working venue — be creative! This is also the most intimate  format as it can include one-on-one meetups or small groups. We  recommend capping participants at 12-15.


Studio Crawls

 The  organized Studio Crawl will be a fan favorite!  Studio Crawls are a  fundraiser for (DE-FI), we are asking for 20% of all sales. We plan the  Studio Crawl based on the locations of the majority of participating  studios. Studios located in the same area will be assigned the same  date. Participating studios are selected by (DE-FI) advisors based on  what they think will make the best experience for attendees.


Produce Your Own Experience

 Hosting  an event is an opportunity for you to create your own original  programming which can include, but is not limited to, a runway  experiences a workshop, panel discussion, or a speaker. Well-attended  events tend to engage a topic that provides valuable takeaways or  includes well-known speakers.



Application Details and other requirements


Our parent company the Dayton Emerging Fashion  Incubator (DE-FI) LLC will be handling event ticketing this year  through Eventbrite. Each host will be assigned their own Eventbrite  access page through our account and a representative from your company  will be given complete access to attendee information. Hosts will  receive 100% of ticket sales (less any Eventbrite fees). 

You  will have the opportunity to fill in your encrypted bank account  deposit information directly through Eventbrite. Any host that does not  complete the bank account information by the time ticket sales begin  will instead receive reimbursement in the form of a check via the Dayton  Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) within 30 days following the  completion of your event. Once ticket sales begin, you will not be able  to submit direct deposit information. Note: Attendee information is not  shared with studio crawl hosts, you can collect attendee information at  the door of your studio crawl.

Note:  Events with free admission usually suffer from low attendance. Consider  charging $10 to hold registrants accountable. Don't need the cash?  Donate to the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC  to help us  keep this going and receive sponsor benefits.

Please  note Studio Crawls are formatted as an open house and attendees will be  coming and going during the designated times. Attendee register for the  entire night, so lists will not be shared. If you'd like a list of who  visited your studio, please collect information at the door

Need Help Finding a Venue to Host your event*

Our  team is on it! We are happy to help you find a venue to host your  event, however, you are responsible for handling all of the details   related to securing the venue.

Production Cost*

By submitting an event application and Hosting an event, you agreeing to cover the cost of your own event. 


By  submitting an event application and Hosting an event, you are agreeing  to carry your own event, liability and property insurance of $1,000,000.  You agree to follow all city, state and federal laws including having  all necessary event permits or licenses. In the event alcohol is served  at the event, You understand that you are responsible for attendees and  will check IDs at the door and not serve to minors. You agree to not  hold the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC and its  subsidiaries including but not limited to Dayton Design Week and Dayton  Fashion Week or our sponsors liable for any and all claims. 

Photography / Filming* 

By  submitting an event application and Hosting an event, you agree that  the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC, Dayton Design Week,  and Dayton Fashion Week may film or photograph during this event for the  purpose of marketing and promotion of future events produced by  (DE-FI),  Dayton Design Week and Dayton Fashion Week

Changes After Submission*

By  submitting an event application and Hosting an event, You understand  that all of the information on your application will be used for the  online event listings and changes after submission may incur an  additional $50 fee 

  • Applications are open for submission until May 30th, 2020
  • Early Bird discounted application fees end May 1st, 2020, all fees increase by $100 after the Early Bird deadline
  • If you are approved, we will alert you on a rolling basis within three weeks
  • Preferred dates and time are awarded to applicants in order of their registration
  • Blackout times for hosts: June 20th, 9a-7:30p. Please note that  all information submitted on the form will be used for the online  listings. Any changes after submission may incur a $50 *fee
  • By submitting this application,you  understand that I will be  added to the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC’s mailing  list and can unsubscribe at any time. 
  • Are you registering more than one event? Application fee discounts  are offered for more than one event.  Please contact us before filling  out an application
  • Non-Profits register for free, all fees are waived. Please use the Non-Profit Event Registration Form 
  • Are you Sponsoring? Your fee is waived! Please see our sponsorship packet and contact us at to secure your sponsorship. 
  • Need help? Contact us at

*The editing fee is triggered when  an applicant makes a significant change to their event such as the  event title or event description after it has been accepted. Changes to  speakers or panelists will not incur the fee.

Become A Sponsor

 Are you ready to partner with us and join us in the movement to  push Dayton Design Forward?  Check out our sponsorship package that is  designed to fit all budgets from the small startups to the established  businesses! In-kind sponsorship is also available too!